1. What days are "cruise ship days" so we can avoid Klein Bonaire (if you advise)?

          You can view the schedule here: http://crew-center.com/kralendijk-bonaire-cruise-ship-schedule-2019


2. Where do you purchase the "snorkel permits" for $25?

          You can purchase them from the dive shops (Dive Friends Yellow Sub is located 1 block north of us on the boulevard) or at TCB (Tourism Corporation Bonaire) located at Kaya Grandi 2.  If you decide to go to the Park, you will need to pay $15 per person. You should then just purchase the dive tag for $45.


3. Where do you board the ferry to Klein Bonaire? Is there more than 1 company that you recommend?

         The companies are:

          - Epicwater Taxi (across from It Rains Fishes) This one is the closest to us and they have a parking area for your car or you can  

            walk there. http://www.watertaxikleinbonaire.com/ 

            Leaves: 10, 12, 2pm

            Returns: 12:30, 2:30, 4:30


           - Caribe Watersports (leaves from Eden Beach) http://www.caribewatersportbonaire.com/nl/water-taxi/ 

             Leaves: 10:15, 12:15, 14:15

             Returns: 12:45, 14:45, 16:45


4. Is there access to fresh fruit and vegetables (farmers market)?

          There are, however, the selection is very limited.


          Magazina di Rei has a market the last Saturday of every month.  You can also check out their museum while you are

          there.  https://www.facebook.com/mangazinadirei/


5. Our plan is to eat majority of meals at the property (definitely breakfast and dinner), can you recommend a supermarket that would have the fresh produce and fresh fish?

          (Tops supermarket vs Warehouse Bonaire vs Van den Tweel vs other)

          On Kaya Industria, there are several supermarkets.  First is Bondigro, which is the newest & the least expensive, but they are limited on selection.  Next is Warehouse, they have the best meats, but have limited produce. Van den Tweel has the most selection and is the most expensive.  We shop at all 3 starting with Bondigro, then Warehouse, then Van den Tweel. None of these have fresh fish. You can buy fresh fish at the new market on Kaya Papa Cornes.  They usually have tuna, barracuda, wahoo, snapper, rainbow runner, or dorado for $8 per kilo. We hunt lionfish, so if we go on a dive, we usually come back with some and we would happily give you.  


6. Does the property have access to beach chairs and/or a cooler to take drinks and lunch with us during the days?

          Yes, you have a cooler & water cooler in the house under the kitchen sink.  There are larger ones underneath the sink in the outside kitchen that you           are welcome to use.  There are 2 folding chairs that you can take to the beach. We also have large round floats that you are welcome to use.



7. Can you recommend a beach that is especially good for relaxing/sun tanning?  

  • Coco Beach

  • Sorobon (fun to watch windsurfers), 

  • Lac Cai (the weekend bar is open on Sundays), 

  • Pink Beach (tumbled coral beach), 

  • Atlantis (fun to watch kitesurfers), 

  • No Name beach at Klein, 

  • Slagbaai in Washington Slagbaai Park

  • Donkey Beach (very busy on Sundays with local people)


8. Any particular advice regarding driving and safety of vehicle and contents outside of common sense of not leaving valuables in the vehicle?

             Leave your doors unlocked with the windows at least partially down so people know that the doors are unlocked.  Don’t hide anything in the vehicle. Take everything out unless you don’t mind if it goes missing. Never lock your glovebox. Most rentals are manual transmission.  Make sure you use the parking brake so the vehicle doesn’t end up in the ocean. There are no traffic lights. There are many pedestrians & people on bikes & scooters.  People beep here to say hello to their friends – it is a short 1 or 2 beep.  


9. Any particular areas/activities/restaurant on the island that are "must see"?

  • Echo is the parrot sanctuary and they offer a free tour on Wed at 4:30

  • Posada Para Mira offers great local food (goat, iguana, fish, conch & the usual burgers, etc) They are open everyday from  11- 6pm except Tues & Thurs. Great view of Rincon & very breezy. Nice to go on Wed before the parrot tour.

  • Donkey Sanctuary – buy a few bags of carrots & cut them into quarter size pieces so you will have plenty to feed the donkeys.  Don’t give them all out in the beginning or you won’t have enough to give by the end of the drive.

  • Snorkel – You need thick sole dive boots & open heeled fins

    • Bari’s Reef at the broken down pier – it’s like swimming in an aquarium, 

    • in front of our property - you will see turtles, pufferfish, filefish, parrotfish, trunkfish, eels, sea  urchins, tarpons, sergeant majors, bonefish, goatfish, angelfish, blennies, and if you can spot them you’ll see octopus, lobsters, spotted eagle rays, ocean trigger fish and lots of juveniles

    • Lac Bay – walk out through the shallow bay to the reef and check out the beautiful reef, swim to the left to see the elk corals & on the way in you will see large conch

    • La Dania’s Leap – take a jump into the pristine corals & drift to Karpata

    • Wayaka – spend that day snorkeling at Wayaka I, II & III in Washington Slagbaai Park

    • Klein – we suggest going to Klein with SeaCow (if you are more independent) or Woodwind (if you like more guidance) or do both – but then do Woodwind first then SeaCow

    • Mangrove kayak & snorkel – we think the snorkel is the best part of this tour, but you want to go with a small tour company & be the first to go on the snorkel.  Otherwise, everyone will kick up the sand and you can’t see anything – especially when there are a lot of people. 


  • Sit at the boulevard with a cold drink & watch the sunset

  • Enjoy ice cream at Luciano’s in town or Rincon Ice Cream 

  • Jazz night is every other Tuesday night at Bistro de Paris 

  • Yhanni makes arepas at Coco Beach

  • Hike up Brandaris – you have to take the short route in Washington Slagbaai Park because you can’t get there from the long route & you can’t back track.

  • Bird watching – see flamingos, parrots, parakeets, herons, egrets, pelicans, laughing gulls, ducks, etc.  Our friend Elise will take you if she has free time.  

  • Arawak has live music on Sundays

  • Weekend Bar has live music on Sundays at Lac Cai

  • There is so much more!  Just ask!



10. Where can we get food that the locals like to eat?

           We think Warehouse has the best fresh meats.  Get fish from the local fishermen. One lives over on the next street and they will filet the fish for you.  We have a 5 burner gas grill that you are welcome to use. It also has a rotisserie so you can put a whole chicken on.   


11. Does the property have current converters that will allow use of laptops and electronics from the USA?

           We have standard US plugs. The hertz is 50Hz not 60Hz (in the US) so you will find that whatever you have plugged in will charge fast & will get hot.  Don’t leave phones, laptops, etc plugged in for more than a few hours at a time. Plug them in to charge, then unplug them when not in use.  


12. Restaurants:

  • Posada Para Mira (local food) in Rincon – Open 11am – 6pm, Closed Tues & Thurs

  • Rincon Ice Cream (Fresh homemade Mango, Soursop, Pinda (peanut) & BSC (Bonaire Salt Caramel) & more) – Open Tues – Friday 12pm – 8pm, Sat & Sun 12pm – 9:30pm

  • Bon Aroma – Open Tues – Sat 6pm

  • Bistro de Paris – Open for lunch & dinner Mon – Sat

  • Rumba Café – Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner Mon – Sat

  • Donna & Giorgio – Open for lunch & dinner, Closed Sundays, Closed Mon & Wed evenings

  • La Cantina – Open for dinner, Closed Mondays

  • Pasa Bon Pizza – Open for dinner Wed – Sundays

  • Cuba Compagnie  - Open everyday

  • Ingridients – Open for dinner 6pm – 10pm

  • Rum Runners – Open for lunch & dinner Tues – Sunday 

  • Patagonia – Open for dinner Tues – Sunday 6pm -10:30

  • Mezze – Open for dinner everyday for dinner at 6pm except Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

  • Between 2 Buns – Open for breakfast & lunch, closed Sunday, 7am – 5pm


13. Are the guesthouses separate units? 

           No, all of our guesthouses are attached side by side at Treasure by the Sea (Kas di Alegria, Kas di Amigu, Kas di Amor). They're perfect for families and friends that want to stay together but stay in their own accommodation. 

14. Can I snorkel anywhere along the shore?

           Of course!! The water is only 5 sec walk away from the property so you can snorkel whenever and wherever you want! 

           ** The only places you can't snorkel is the town pier, south pier, the salt pier (when there is a ship), & the reserves

15. What do I need to bring with me to snorkel?

​          We recommend bringing a snorkel mask, booties, fins, and of course a bathing suit! 

          Wearing a full wetsuit or skin in case you brush up against any coral or if there is anything in the water.  That also helps protects you from the sun and by not wearing sunscreen it protects the reefs from the harsh chemicals. As the shores are quite rocky, it will be safer and easier to get in and out with booties. 


          Not required but highly recommended: spit spray (to keep the mask from fogging), skin suit/rash guard (to be protected from the sun and anything that might sting you)

​          **If you don't own any snorkel gear, don't fret! There are plenty of dive shops on the island to rent gear from!

16. How do I get around the island?

​           We have pick-up trucks for you to rent out or you can rent a scooter or a car. We also have complimentary bikes on site for guests to use!

17. What can I use in the common area?

​           Our common area is for all guests to use. This includes the grill, chairs, and hammocks.  We also have an outdoor shower so feel free to take a quick rinse next to our tree.


18. How should we dispose our food waste and trash?

           We have separate trash cans for all recyclables: glass, plastic, & paper. We also have a trash that is generally for regular trash. In addition, we also have 2 large compost bins where you can put all of your food waste!

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