Treasure by the Sea is strongly committed to social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities, which we regard as integral for sustainable business. In all activities, we aim to respect and preserve the way of life and traditions of the local community and endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment by adhering to a policy of environmental sustainability.


It all started when we traveled to bonaire to rejuvenate from the stresses of what is commonly referred to as the “real world”. We eventually decided to pack up and live in Bonaire permanently. While enjoying all the natural wonders that Bonaire has to offer, we recognized the urgent need to care and live in the most sustainable way we can to protect and further sustain this environment. Living on an island, we come across many challenges and limitations due to limited resources but everyday we strive to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Treasure by the Sea strives for each guest to experience something timeless – instilling an insatiable desire to be part of the solution, starting with the implementation of small lifestyle changes. Offering a different kind of luxury, Treasure by the Sea invites travelers to experience modern comfort and deserved indulgences, yet at minimal expense to the surrounding environment.

We are proud that Treasure by the Sea has embraced principles and efforts toward a more sustainable future. We utilize many eco-friendly measures to best facilitate the use of our resources and energy.


To obtain fresh water in Bonaire, the water plant in Hato puts the water through a more sustainable and sufficient process called "reverse osmosis" which desalinates the water. Desalinated water is the freshest and safest drinking water available on the island, but it is more costly. Therefore, a few of the many ways we try to conserve water is by not leaving the water on when brushing teeth and taking shorter showers. And because the water is so clean (and tasty), we use it for all of our drinking/cooking purposes and it allows us to reduce our overall plastic bottle consumption. To conserve both energy and water, laundry is hung on the line and we turn off the air conditioning & fans whenever we leave the house. All water used gets treated in two ways: grey water goes to our on-site drip system which recycles water to be used for our plants throughout the property and waste water goes to a waste treatment plant that decontaminates the water and safely returns it back into the water cycle. All our organic waste is composted in our composting bins and then used on our gardens. We also make our own cleaning solutions/detergents to be natural and free from harmful toxins found in conventional cleaning products. To reduce waste such as paper towels, we provide kitchen towels for each guesthouse. For trash, we have multiple bins to recycle plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, and paper. At the end of the week we take it to Selibon which is a company designated by the government to responsibly sort and recycle waste products. 

We believe we can make a difference in the world through the daily small changes each person makes and so we hope our guests can partner with us in contributing to make a difference in the world.